Inspiration Is Everywhere

Inspiration Is Everywhere
Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev / Unsplash

People often ask me how I come up with ideas for my stories.

Here's an example:

Container Ship with orange life boat on sled.
Container ship with orange life boats in Husavik, Iceland. Copyright William Esmont 2019

I took this picture in Húsavík, Iceland in 2019, about a year before I began revisions on the manuscript that would eventually become the novel Bare Metal. If you've read the story, you'll understand the significance right away. For those who haven't it yet, my protagonist spends an inordinate amount of time trapped in various lifeboats, bobbing around in the Arctic as he tries to stay alive after the end of the world.

Little life boats.

Big life boats.

Life boats on sleds.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Thanks to The Cover Collection and to the wonderful people who make Vellum, there's now a print edition of Bare Metal available! Enjoy!