What is William Esmont Books?

William Esmont Books is a newsletter dedicated to giving you, the reader, a front row seat to my creative process.

For the uninitiated, I started writing and publishing fiction in 2010. Since then, I've completed two full series: The Kurt Vetter Trilogy, and The Elements of the Undead. Life got busy a few years ago, though, and then COVID happened. As a result, while I've been writing a ton, I haven't released anything new.

That needs to change.

Using this newsletter, I'm going to release a chapter or two each week from my new novel, Bare Metal. When it's all done and I'm happy with the final product, I'll release eBook and print versions on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google, and all the other usual channels.

Why Become A Member?

Simple. That's how you get access to the new story before it becomes a book.

I'm going to release the first few chapters for free on this site.

If you like what you see, and want to read more, you'll need to subscribe. Doing so will give you:

  • The rest of the chapters, starting 5-6 weeks after the last free chapter is available.
  • Commentary. This will be wide ranging, covering book, movie, and TV reviews, interesting links I find on the internet, and other random stuff that fascinates me. I'll send this out roughly once a week.
  • Access to William Esmont Books on Slack.

So What's A Supporting Member?

Supporting members will receive everything free members get, plus:

  • Fresh chapters every week. You'll experience the story AS IT HAPPENS. You'll be several weeks to a month ahead of free members.
  • A quarterly group Zoom happy hour.
  • Access to my entire eBook back catalog. Read the Elements of the Undead but haven't read the Kurt Vetter Trilogy yet? Here's your chance. Wondering what Virginia is all about? Here it is.

About Me

I live in Tucson, Arizona with my wife and three dogs. I've been writing and publishing in a variety of genres since 2010. You can see my current catalog here.