Welcome to William Esmont Books, home of the Elements of the Undead post-apocalyptic zombie series and the Reluctant Hero series of international spy thrillers! Take a look around, check out the my stories, and share with your friends! And don’t be afraid to drop me a line – I love to hear from readers!

For those of you who’ve already read my stories, you’ll be happy to hear I’m hard at work on my next project, a dark time travel/parallel universe story that I think you’ll really enjoy! This book is an opportunity to take everything I learned writing my other two series, and apply it to something entirely new. And let me tell you – it’s an absolute blast! I roll out bed each morning, barely able to contain the words swirling around in my head. Stay tuned. Once I reach a point where I think the story is ready for the public, I’ll post some excerpts here, and maybe even do a reading on YouTube.

New Releases

Thanks to the amazing narration work by Greg Kleist, Blood in the Streets is now available as an audiobook! Catch up with our hero Kurt Vetter in his latest adventure. A newly-emergent North Korea wants what China has, and they’ll do anything to get it – even if it means dragging the region into a nuclear confrontation.

Get your copy now at Audible.com!

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