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The Patriot Paradox, Pressed, and the latest story in the Reluctant Hero Series, Blood in the Streets, all in one!


1306, 2015

New Kurt Vetter spy thriller audiobook!

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Thanks to the amazing narration and production skills of Greg Kleist, the latest Kurt Vetter spy thriller audiobook is now available for your listening pleasure! Get your copy now on audible and iTunes, and soon […]

706, 2015

The new Entourage Movie @entouragemovie

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I’ll admit it. I LOVED Entourage when it was on HBO. There was something about the exploits of Vince and his crew that kept me coming back each week, no matter how ridiculous they became. […]

2305, 2015

Free Books!

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Interested in trying one of my stories, but don’t want to pay and don’t want to deal with sketchy book pirate sites? Well, you’re in luck. I just put up a new page that will […]