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Audio Books

I've contracted with a professional voice actor to produce an audio adaptation of The Patriot Paradox. After a delay due to SuperStorm Sandy, production has resumed! The narrator has an absolutely amazing voice and I think you'll love it! The final product will be available on Amazon.comiTunes, and in the Audible store. I'll post a date as soon as I have one.


I've decided to put the podcast of Fire on indefinite hold. It turns out the skills and time required to podcast a quality recording far exceed what I have available. I made it about halfway through, but found myself spending far too much time tinkering with audio rather than working on my new books, which is where my passion lies. I may, in the future, hire a professional voice actor to record the book and release it via Audible, etc. You'll hear about it first here if that happens. If you're an audio-producer and you're interested in doing a revenue-split recording of Fire via ACX, drop me a line!

Meanwhile, I will continue with the podcasts, but I am going to narrow the focus to excerpts from upcoming works and discussions (ramblings?) about topics I find interesting. First up will be an reading from my latest novelette, A Wasting Time.

You can subscribe to the William Esmont podcast through iTunes or by going direct to my host.

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