12 June 2013

A tiny (unedited) taste from Elements of Undead #4

The bridge was a shambles. Fingernail-sized shards of safety glass littered every horizontal surface. A moribund row of computer monitors stared at Megan with vacant, dead eyes. Trash littered the floor. A tattered mattress, stained to the core, sat in the corner, strands of stuffing spilling forth in crazy tangles. But there were no corpses. Megan made her way to the other side of the room, where she could gaze out over the lower decks of the Excelsior. A salty wind pressed at her face through the hole where the window used to be. This high, she could barely smell the dead.


  1. Aww doodie I read this before I finished the third book and now know Megan isn't going to die. Can't wait for the next book though.

  2. Travis - I suppose I should put a spoiler alert up next time :)

    You're in luck since you haven't read book #3 - I just put it on sale (on Kindle) through tomorrow midnight. Only 99c gets you the whole series.

  3. I'm almost done the third book and think I'm going to start your other books soon. I must say you make me feel like I'm right beside the main characters experiencing everything with them. It takes a lot to get me into a book. Keep up the good work do you have an idea as to when the fourth book will be complete?

  4. The Patriot Paradox (book #1 in the spy series) is free right now.. so you can save a little bit of $ getting started.

    Regarding the release date of Elements of the Undead #4 - good question. I'm in the process of turning the rough draft into a solid first draft/second draft. That version will go to my content editor on the 12th of August. Depending on what she comes back with, I could have a few days or a few weeks of work to address her changes. Once that's done (3rd/4th draft at this point), it's off to the copy editor and proof readers. That usually takes about three weeks, but it can take longer. Or shorter. It depends.

    Bottom line - as soon as it's ready. There's a lot going on in this book and making sure it all comes together the way I see it in my head is tedious stuff. You're lucky in that you just discovered the series now rather than a year ago when I first released Earth. You won't have to wait very long :)

  5. I finally finished earth and can't wait for the next book in the series. I'm about to start the patriot paradox soon and just wanted to say if you need any help or anything let me know and maybe I can help.

  6. Glad you liked Earth :)

    The audio version of The Patriot Paradox just launched. Kevin Pierce did an AMAZING job bringing Kurt and Amanda to life.

    re: help - I may be looking for a beta reader in a month or 6 weeks or so.. shoot me an email and I'll let you know.