22 July 2012

A new zombie book. Soon. I promise.

I received the second round of Earth: Elements of the Undead edits on Friday and I'm busy making minor tweaks throughout the manuscript. Once that's done, it goes back to my editor for a quick once-over and then it's off for two rounds of intense proof-reading.

So what?

This is light at the end of the tunnel time. The book is done. What remains is cleanup, and minor cleanup at that. I always find this stage of the process kind of anti-climactic. The book is what it is (can't stand this expression) at this point. I've told my story and I've rewritten it countless time. My editor has pulled it apart and put it back together again and deemed it acceptable.

Soon, it will be time to unleash it upon the reading public and see if it sinks or swims.

I can't wait.