19 April 2012

A couple of small updates...

I set up a store at CafePress where people can buy Elements of the Undead stuff. I'll probably use it mostly for promotional giveaways, etc., but if you ever get the itch for a zombie mug or an organic cotton t-shirt sporting the logo of your favorite zombie series, this is the place to go.

In other news, the new artwork for Air: Elements of the Undead is in and posted everywhere (except for Amazon, who seem to be having trouble digesting it.) Here it is:

I hope you like it. I've approved the cover for the forthcoming Earth: Elements of the Undead and I'm just waiting for the final copies. I've also commissioned an omnibus cover. That's right. All three books of the Elements series combined into one digital volume. This will be a digital exclusive, available across all channels (that's right - no more pesky Kindle exclusive!) The price will be very reasonable - a few bucks off the costs of the books by themselves. Look for it a few weeks after Earth hits the interweb...

17 April 2012

New artwork for Fire: Elements of the Undead

It's here! I've also got new artwork coming for Air and I'll give you all a sneak preview of the cover for Earth in a few days as well. Speaking of Earth, I finished the second draft a few days ago. I'm about halfway through reading it, hoping to finish tonight. Next up is the third draft, which should take a few weeks, and then it goes off to my beta readers. While they're working on it, I'll start the fourth draft, and as their feedback rolls in, I'll incorporate it. At that point, I'll read it once again and then send it to my editor. Once it reaches her, the manuscript will go through two rounds of edits plus two rounds of proof reading.
We're getting close.

03 April 2012

What next?

As I draw to a close on the 2nd draft of Earth, I'm starting to consider my next project.. At the moment, I've got strong ideas for another espionage story (maybe a prequel?), a prequel to the zombie series, and maybe even a spinoff YA zombie series (you'll understand once you read Earth :))  I've already got a horror short story almost ready.. I'll polish that up while my betas readers are doing their thing with Earth, and hopefully release it at the same time, or close.

Given my constraints of a pretty demanding day job and life in general, it takes me about six months from concept to a finished novel. Less for a short. I'm really in love with the Elements of the Undead storyline at the moment, but the idea I have for a Reluctant Hero prequel would kick some pretty serious ass as well..

I don't know. But I'd love to hear from you guys. What do you want to see next?