31 August 2010

Getting close to the release of my next book!

I've been busy editing for the past few weeks, and so far I've managed to whittle away about 15% of the original text, leaving behind a pretty tight story. I've also been running chapters through CritiqueCircle in an effort to find and address more subtle problems (POV, pacing, etc.) with good results so far.

The current plan is to release in mid/late September.

I'm starting on the sequel this weekend, with a planned release around the holiday season - hopefully before 25DEC, when everyone opens their new Kindles and goes shopping :) We'll see.

16 August 2010

Preview of my next novel

I've posted a preview of my next novel, tentatively titled High Treason, here.

02 August 2010

Revisions, revisions, revisions

Sometimes writing can be exquisitely painful. Take for example the past two weeks of my writing life, which have consisted exclusively of the following activities:

  1. Select a chapter from my rough draft
  2. Have my computer read it back to me using NaturalReader 9
  3. Make some changes
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until I'm happy.
The problem comes with step four. Sometimes I reach this stage in a matter of minutes. Sometimes. More often though, it takes hours to process a single chapter, and in those cases, I clearly recall the difficulty I had with the original text - the days when I didn't have enough time, but I desperately wanted to get some words in; the days when I was sick; the days when life just wouldn't give me a break. 

It's terribly frustrating, but when I do finally reach step four, it's kind of like magic. I find that i've taken something that was a rough idea and somehow transformed it into prose that actually makes sense - that I am  proud to show to others. 

Pretty cool stuff, this writing thing.